Parker House Rolls at Ale an Compass at Disney's Yacht Club

Review: Did Yacht Club’s Ale and Compass Leave Too Much to Be Desired?

We decided to try out the Ale and Compass Restaurant in the Yacht Club Resort a few weeks ago. We ate here before their remodel a few years ago. This was our first visit since the remodel.

Ale an Compass at Disney's Yacht Club

Ale and Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club

One thing that surprised us was the wait time. We had a reservation, but people who did not have reservations were being quoted up to an hour-long wait time. The reason this surprised us is because when we sat down the restaurant was literally empty!

We looked over the menu, and decided to try out the Parker House Rolls as an appetizer. We ordered these and our drinks. We’ve learned one way to slow down the service at Disney restaurants to order our appetizer first and no entree. When we are done with the appetizer we order our entree. If we don’t do this we feel like we are rushed, and when you are paying higher prices for a meal you want to enjoy it at your pace.

Menu for Ale an Compass at Disney's Yacht Club

Menu for Ale and Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club

The Parker House Rolls are really good. They are served warm and with some kosher salt on top of them, and are accompanied by three spreads. The spreads are Bacon Jam, Pub Cheese, and Citrus Butter. We’ve had the Bacon Jam on other sandwiches around property and it works really well with the rolls. The Pub Cheese is your standard Pub Cheese spread. The Citrus Butter was a real surprise. We loved it. It has a good mix of sweet and tang and plays well with the salt on the rolls. We’d come back to order these as a snack anytime.

Ale and Compass Parker House Rolls 2019-001

Parker House Rolls at Ale and Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club

For dinner I was looking for something lighter and selected the Wedge Salad with Chicken. My husband went for the New England Seafood Pot Pie. The Pot Pie was something to see when it was delivered! Look at that puff pastry! This was packed with seafood — shrimp, scallops, crab, and the fish of the day which was Mahi Mahi. Overall, my husband liked the dish, but wished it had a few more vegetables to give it more of a balance.

Seafood Pot Pie at Ale an Compass at Disney's Yacht Club

Seafood Pot Pie at Ale and Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club

My dish left so much to be desired. I should have known when I saw words like peppercorn cream, bacon lardons, etc. instead of “wedge of lettuce with blue cheese dressing and bacon” as we’ve (at least I) have become accustomed to when thinking of a wedge salad. The dressing was way too garlicky and that flavor overrode any other flavor. Plus, I LOVE blue cheese — and it was missing from this salad. Lastly, the chicken was ice cold (cooked, but ice cold). None of this worked for me. I didn’t eat much of this at all.

Ale and Compass PaWedge Salad with Chicken 2019-001

Wedge Salad with Chicken at Ale and Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club

This was a really disappointing meal for us. In fact, I was starving when we left, so on our way back to our Princess Room at Port Orleans Riverside we stopped at the resort’s sister Port Orleans French Quarter for Mickey Beignets. Even a bad meal can end on a high note when you eat a Mickey-shaped dessert. 😊

Port Orleans French Quarter Mickey Beignets 219-001

When we pay over $70 for a meal for two we expect more than the Ale and Compass delivered. The atmosphere is lacking. It feels dark and warehouse-y somehow. Taking the Parker House Rolls out of the equation, we’d say between the atmosphere and dishes this does not add up to a location we’d recommend or revisit — even when using a Passholder or Tables in Wonderland discount.

Have you dined at Ale and Compass? Did we have a bad experience or select the wrong dishes? Let us know about your experience at Ale and Compass in the comments.






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