Christmas Time at Disney Springs – Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar

While spending a weekend at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside resort right before Christmas my wife and I decided to go to Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar for a light dinner and check out the holiday decorations.  I wanted to try the new Air Pirate’s Cargo Loaded Pretzel for some time so this was a perfect opportunity.

Disney chefs have taken their large Air Pirate’s Pretzel and turn it in to a charcuterie board.  Included with the giant pretzel is prosciutto, sliced brats, artisan pepperoni, smoked cheddar, black diamond cheddar, caraway pickles, spicy mustard and beer cheese fondue.  This was crazy, crazy good.

Hanger Bar Christmas Dessert 2019-007

Now I have had the “regular” pretzel many times before and always loved the spicy mustard that comes with it.  Matter of fact I am a mustard “nut”.  If my wife would let me I would eat any mustard with a spoon but dunking part of the pretzel in the mustard this time I realized I made a mistake.  I immediately realized this was not the same mustard as before as my eyes started to water and sharp pains went into my nose.  It was like eating a table spoon of fresh horseradish.  I flagged down our server and asked if they had just changed the mustard with tears streaming down my face.   She confirmed they did yesterday.   I told her that is was a bit hot in a horseradish type of way.  From her expression I must have not been the only person with watery eyes and flames coming out their nose.

After finishing everything but the mustard of course my wife wanted to have something sweet to finish the night.  I was thinking about stopping at Goofy’s Candy Company on the way to the resort boat for a big sugar cookie but she wanted to share one of their new holiday treats.   We decided on the Jingle Bell Pops which are three dark chocolate truffles, crushed peppermint and peppermint syrup dipped in dark chocolate.   Now I am not a big chocolate lover like my wife but I must say they were fantastic.  They had a hint of peppermint that complimented the cream chocolate not over powering it.   The decorations were festive and fun.  I must admit I could have gotten three to go for a midnight snack.

After finishing the pops we decided that they were a sophisticated desert for Disney compared to their latest craze of putting a donut on top of a cake on top of a milk shake.  Do people really eat that stuff or just take pictures for Instagram and throw it away.  “Quality over quantity” as my wife always says goes a long way.

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