Review: Epcot’s Les Chefs de France Delivers a Tres Bon Lunch

For our upcoming trip which will include the Alsace region of France we decided to book a lunch at Epcot’s Chefs De France restaurant in the France pavilion to prepare.  To be honest we need no reason to practice or prepare to eat French food because we love it.  Give us a basket of croissants, baguette, butter, jam, ham, cheese and French wine any time and my wife and I are in heaven.

Epcot Cheif de France Lunch 2019 010

Chefs De France

Now we have eaten here a couple of times in the past including the Parisian Breakfast last year during the Food & Wine Festival, but this time I was on a mission to try some Alsatian wine before our travels to the region.  Also I have a hard time passing up a chance to have fine meal as evident by my “Disney” enhanced waistline.

We started our lunch with a glass of wine, the Plateau de Fromages de France (cheese board) and a bread basket (of course).  I had the Pinot Blanc Pierre Sparr 2016 and my wife had a Kir Royale which is Champagne and black crème de cassis.  I am partial to more full bodied wines like a Burgundy and was concerned the Pinot Blanc was going to be too sweet but I was pleasantly surprised as it was semi-dry with a slight nutty flavor.  In fact it went very well with the cheeses we had ordered.

Epcot Cheif de France Lunch 2019 008

Cheese Course

We love having a cheese course with a meal or as a meal.  In France the cheese course is normally after a main course but here in the US it is normally served as an appetizer.    The cheese board at Chefs De France is the perfect size for two to share as we did but half way through the board we needed another mini baguette due to our love of French bread.  There were four different types of cheeses starting with a mild brie and ending stronger blue cheese.  This was the strongest blue cheese we have had at Disney and is the most similar to what you would find in France.

Once the cheese course was done we ordered our main course.  We have found especially at table service restaurants in WDW that the meal always seems rushed as they are trying to turn tables quickly.  Our tip is order your main course after the starter is finished. This is a way to slow the experience down to savor the meal and in my case the company of my favorite person.

Epcot Cheif de France Lunch 2019 006

A la flamme Alsacienne

My wife ordered the A la flamme Alsacienne (Alsace tart) from the appetizers, I order the Steak aux échalottes, frites or Steak-frites, medium and also ordered the other Alsace wine they offered the Riesling Pierre Sparr 2017.  I know white wine with steak is a no-no but remember, I was here to try the Alsatian wine, but I could have their nice Pinot Noir from Burgundy.  Maybe next time.

Epcot Cheif de France Lunch 2019 004

Steak aux échalottes, frites

My steak was perfectly cooked as were the frites.  The Alsatian tart was round pastry dough crust with Gruyere cheese, onion, and bacon.  The thin pastry dough made this tart more light and airy than any flat bread or pizza dough you might find elsewhere.  The combination of the Gruyere, onion, and bacon was the perfect mix texture and flavor for the crust.  I would highly recommend both dishes.

Epcot Cheif de France Lunch 2019 002

Overall, we enjoyed this meal and the atmosphere. We are looking forward to a return visit as soon as we can! I recommend making a reservation for either lunch or dinner as this is a popular restaurant.  If you have Tables in Wonderland it is only accepted at lunch. There are no passholder discounts offered here.

If you are short on time or want to save some money you can grab a good baguette, butter, jam, and a glass of French wine or a Kronenbourg (a beer brewed in the Alsace) just walk around the corner from Chefs de France to the Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie.  We have done this a number of times just as a snack or lite meal.

Bon appétit!

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